SunJess has been in Lansing for more then 25 years, and on the internet since 1996.  Our mission is to keep you up and running. If you are not up and running, you are not productive, and if you are not productive, you are not making money. Let’s be honest here, it’s all about making money. Sure you could take one of your employees, have him research for hours, and maybe days to find out why your reports will not print at night. After all that, you find the cleaning lady unplugs the router to plug in her vacuum at night, and does not plug it back in until she leaves in the morning. While your employee is doing all this research, who is doing his job? Sure, you might be able to do your own web site, but while you are researching and trying to implement it, who is steering the ship?  It all comes down to simple math. Let’s say you make $30 per hr and and it takes you 5 days to do it on your own, how much did it really cost you to do it yourself ?

What about mom and dad in Texas and Mary in sales? Mom and dad want to know how to send the grand kids email and see that winning pass on you tube.  Have you got the time and patience to teach them that ? Of course, you could always do it while you are there on vacation. Your spouse will love a vacation where you spend all your time on a computer with your folks.  And Poor Mary has to get that new product on the web page to help pay for this great vacation and new phone. That’s what SunJess is here for. We can walk mom, dad and Mary through it on the phone and/or do a live quick class online. We may even be able to get rid of that virus you got online

(Wait, new phone???)  That came into play right after you left your folks. Your spouse threw it out of the car because Mary kept calling about how to get out of the website.